iPhone Losing Internet Access, but Indicates Connected to Router

  • Recently began having issues with iPhones losing internet access while connected to the Amplifi HD router. Doesn't happen to all iPhones at the same time. They also can't connect to the router from the Amplifi app. They appear to be connected to Wi-Fi from iPhone's perspective and iOS shows a good signal. If I reboot the iPhones, internet access is restored. I thought that'd be the end of it--something funky with the handshake between the two or some anomaly with the iPhones. Next day, the device is back to no internet access and unable to connect to router in app. This time, I restarted the Amplifi HD. That resolved the issue. Other devices on the network, such as a Roku TV and a few laptops, seem to have a connection to the router and internet access without the need to restart them or the router.

    Anyone seeing this? Anyone heard of issues with recent iOS updates? Any other suggestions?

    • iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone X
    • iOS 14.0.1
    • Amplifi HD firmware 3.4.2
    • 2 meshpoints on 3.4.2 (iPhones appear to be connected directly to router most of time, but hard to confirm since I can't get into the app when the devices are having trouble)
    • Band and router steering are off in iOS app
    • Neighbor Report and BSS Transition Management are enabled in web UI.

  • @Jamie-Pearson Did this start after the iOS upgrade to v14? Might try turning off private addressing for your Amplifi connection. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT211227

  • @Matthew-Leeds It didn't start immediately after updating to iOS14, but it does seem suspect. Turning off private address didn't resolve.

    I'm currently assessing how a network reset on the iPhone helps. This is one suggestion I've seen.

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