Whole family got headache (worried to get Cancer) after use the Amplifi Alien

  • Hi all,

    I would like to reported, our whole family members got headache after start to use the Amplifi Alien. It may be affected by the power of the Wi-Fi signal.

    And, the Amplifi Alien do not have any function to reduce the power of the Wi-Fi signal.

    I have created a ticket to support of Amplifi more than 15 days, but they keep no reply to me.

    Poor CS service.

    Kind regards,

  • @boscolee We’ve had our Alien since early spring and we normally are sitting about 15 feet from it, no issues here.

  • @John-Pappas For us, we are sit next with the Amplifi Alien within 1 meter only. And, we always got headache after started to use this router. And, this router don't able to power down the power of the Wi-Fi.

    It is affecting our health.

    We are very worried.

    Kind regards,

  • @boscolee Hello, our routers are within compliance specs for EIRP. I am often sitting near 20-40 of these units with no issues or abnormal levels of radiation energy is detected.

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