Additional SSIDs 5 Ghz

  • Hi everyone,

    Just playing in the app menu and I just noticed something about additional SSID.

    Under settings, Wireless you have to chose your “main SSID” and decide if it’s a single name for both 2.4 and 5 ghz. In my case. A single name for both.

    A bit lower, you find an option for “Additional 5ghz Radio”. Fine, ou can have a dedicated 5ghz.

    A bit further down, there is another option “Router additional SSID” (last one). 3 options : 2 for wifi6 (2.4 and 5 ghz) and a third one for a 5 ghz ssid.

    Question, what is the difference between “additional 5 ghz SSID” AND “router additional ssid 5 ghz” !?


  • Additional 5Ghz is the Wi-Fi 5 5Ghz network. When enable, it will enable on all router and mesh/access points. Router additional SSID is separate network for that particular router/access point only.

  • I have all enabled which works well for my topology. But what I don’t know is can you have additional 5Ghz off and have router additional 5 Ghz on. Or does the general additional 5Ghz have to be enabled for the router additional 5Ghz to be on?

  • @tonytrung make perfect sense! Thanks!

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