Hulu continually shutting down on firestick

  • I have jsut an amplifi HD and no mesh antennas. I have a Ubiquity Lite AP but that is hardwired. I have several firesticks and hulu+. I recently made the switch from charter to TDS internet with 300 by 300 service. Everything was working well until yesterday when they buried the cable. Currently getting around 260 by 290 on my wireless connection, 310 by 320 wired. On a random basis, while watching hulu, it starts to stutter and then crashes back to the main firestick menu. I have rest everything, including the router, cleared the cache on the firestick and reinstalled the app. Trying to eliminate the router as an issue as this only happens on the firestick. Has anyone else dealt with this issue?

  • @jjarcrowe If the app crashes it's likely a bug or issue with the Firestick/app. If you stream Hulu on a laptop does this issue occur?

  • @UI-AmpliFi just on the firesticks and its the only app that does it. I didn't think it was the router, but just making sure.