Alien losing internet connection? (wired modem connection)

  • Hi,

    My Alien has been working pretty good for the last month or so, however i have had some internet connectivity issues recently (WiFi unaffected).
    I'm connected to my ZyXel modem via Ethernet (WiFi turned off on the ZyXel), the modem is showing internet connectivity but Alien reporting unable to resolve internet IP address. I Re boot the Alien and this seems to resolve this but sometimes I need to do this a couple of times to get internet connectivity restored?

    Any advice appreciated!

  • Pretty much exactly 7 days since it last occurred just had the same issues again (lost connection to internet), rebooted several times as connection only stayed up for a few seconds. On the 4th power cycle connectivity stayed on.
    Wifi unaffected as before, router connected directly via lan cable to modem.

    Not sure what to check???

  • Hello.
    For this issue, we suggest that you contact our support, create and attach a support file as soon as the issue happens. Support form

  • @UI-AmpliFi


    Lost connectivity to my router again this morning, have sent support file.


  • May I ask if, once your Alien lost the internet connection, whether it would recover spontaneously, or whether you'd need to reboot it?

    I'm asking this because I have a problem notable primarily by the screen freezing for a few seconds or even as long as a minute or two on our LG 4K OLED TV. When it does this, a recursive cursor spins on the middle of the TV screen. The last occurrence was the evening of October 31. I'm supposed to be the techie in the house, but it was my spouse who discovered that the screen and status ring on our Alien had changed dramatically (in my defense, I'm not being PAID to be the house techie). Again, the connection typically restores itself within a few seconds, though the interval may sometimes be longer. I did check my iOS AmpliFi app, which reported that there was no internet connection. However, I forgot to check the status lights on the router itself. The Router is connected to the TV by an Ethernet Cable (and the router assigns the TV its IP address), and the AmpliFi iOS app reports this correctly.

    Our modem is an Arris Surfboard DOCSIS 3.0 model, about 3 years old, with no embedded router.

    We were watching a live broadcast (streamed via our provider, which is YouTube TV, so I didn't subject my spouse to the loss of TEN minutes of the broadcast typically required to reboot both the cable modem and the router. Ultimately, the connection seemed to stabilize, so we didn't miss the entire broadcast (an absolutely hilarious episode of SNL.

    I'm wondering what additional diagnostic steps I could take the next time this happens. I did conduct a chat session with my ISP (Charter Spectrum, whom I pay for a 400 mbits/sec download speed) yesterday morning. They checked their own logs and reported back that those logs reported no errors at the time of the incident.

    Obviously, the next time this occurs, I'll check BOTH the status lights of the modem and the screen on the Alien.

    I've read the "troubleshooting" article on the AmpliFi website. I note that it recommends rebooting both the modem and router, but powering up the router first (the ISP recommends powering up the cable modem first before powering up the router.

    Does the router itself retain logs of events such as these? Are they accessible to the customer?

    Thanks so much.

    Chillo430, I hope you don't mind latching on to your thread. Of course, I'm hoping it's also seen by the Ubiquiti folks who patrol this community group as well.

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