AmpliFi HD Firmware v3.4.3

  • We've been on 3.4.3 for a week with no issues across a mix of Windows, iOS, and IoT devices. System is a Router HD, 3 MeshPoint HD, and an Instant Router in wireless mode.

    Ping time both for wired and Amplifi wireless is consistent and generally around 10 ms to Google or Cloudflare. There is a very intermittent ping time spike that occurs on both wired and Amplifi so probably my ISP.

    An iPhone XR is getting around 400 Mbps up and down with 7ms latency over Amplifi near the router.

    Overall 3.4.3 has been solid and issue free.

  • First week with 3.4.3 was pretty good with an occasional Apple device slowing down but not dropping. After a week running suddenly all Apple and Roku devices were having problems so I rebooted the main HD and RAMP HD. After that at least 4 times yesterday the RAMP had “Connecting” on its display and of course devices connected to it had no internet. After several reboots of it, it had been OK for about 12 hours.

  • @UI-AmpliFi still keep running into sudden slow down requiring a full reboot of the system every few days. Could not get system report tonight. I must have sent more than 10 of these anyway with little resolution. The failure impact multiple devices, not just one. We mainly use Apple here.

  • I have a 500 up/down link. I am on the latest firmware. I had decent speeds with devices (300 to 400). Mostly Apple devices. But lately it is back to 60 to 80. Restarted modem and routers many times without effect. Bought new cat8 network cables. Also no effect. Once upon a time it was all good, but no longer.

  • I still have to reboot about every day or every other day. The router is always rock solid, but when on any mesh point, you might be great for a few hours and then it suddenly drops to nothing. This has been the story since 3.1 or 3.0 with little permanent relief.

  • @UI-AmpliFi It appears my router has run into an issue with 3.4.3 and will not boot. It shows the logo, blinks 3 times and reboots again. I am able to put the router into recovery mode and I would like to push new firmware. Where can I get 3.4.2 or 3.4.3 to get back online?

    I have already contacted support, but after several hours I need a resolution. Why aren't these posted publicly so that we can service our own equipment?

    Edit: I did try to factory reset the router but there was no change, even though the device responded to the reset button (light went solid and it turned all the way off before resuming the 3x flash pattern).

  • Support asked me for feedback and I decided to be honest after more trouble today. Here is what I wrote:
    "Dear xxxx,
    Let me be frank. Amplifi folks have been courteous and supportive all along. But as a long time customer of several years, something happened around v3.0 or 3.1 that made Meshpoint unreliable. I had NEVER or rarely had an issue before. Now I can measure throughput suddenly going extremely weak on MeshPoints against a wired server connected to the mesh point. We might go for hours on Zoom calls and then suddenly things slow down from >100Mbs to <8Mbs and often nothing. Zoom or exercise video streamed over fitness app become unstable until I reboot the whole thing. Preemptive rebooting does not solve this.

    On support calls we always go through the same exercises that are work but do not solve anything. I once did find a point of interference with an engineer, but that was an isolated case. Equipment locations etc have not changed in my house. This is not isolated, all client devices are effected.

    I am always hoping for the next release, because this used to work. But I am getting to the point of replacing the whole system, most likely with Ubiqiuiti access points, which we use at work. My router is an ER-12P and I have both DSL and microwave suppliers of internet load balanced. The AmpliFi HD is in bridge mode. There are many on the AmpliFi forums with similar problems.

    Sometimes I go for a couple of days and begin to have hope only to be disappointed two hours deep in a D&D Zoom with our daughter. As they say "I want to believe!"

    Of course, support can only deal with what has been given."

    I do have to say when it works it does everything I want and works nicely.

  • @Harald-Striepe
    I suspect that problem is that when mesh points suffer from interference they go into an unrecoverable state and require reboot even the interference is not present anymore

    I never experienced the issue until recently when a new neighbour next door brought a 5GHz router but since then I had this happening several times with exactly the same symptoms: 5GHz connection to the router directly works fine but the mesh point is essentially dead until restart. It will, however, work in 2.4 band. 5GHz will only work at 1/2 meter distance

    It’s a typical support experience when the cause of the issue is identified (interference) and an immediate mitigation recommended (reboot) but no permanent solution to prevent the issue to happen is delivered

  • @Timofey-K Our neighbors live a mile away. When these things happen we are in a steady-state situation with nobody doing anything. There is no equipment moved or switched that would generate interference.

  • @hensley1080p The 3.4.3 upgrade appears to have broken Xbox One online chat when hardware NAT is turned on.

    Has this been acknowledged by Amplifi yet?

  • @Shane-Lentini as a long time user unless you use the chat to communicate to amiplfi your feedback falls on deaf ears. They appreciate the various use cases from our experiences but to actually listen and improve from our feedback is very unlikely. Example...we can’t remove created devices from the environment without a full factory reset. We asked for ability to delete old devices and AMPLIFI still hasn’t delivered it in over 3years of asking. This is so easy to deliver yet they keep doing their own thing and disregard it’s user base. And Yes I only recently this year upgraded firmware from v2.6.3 to v3.1.2 as anything higher was unstable and wasted hours of my time figuring out the rollback since there is no documentation for this product. I can receive over 700mbps hard-wired (isp allows 600) with my two routers backhauled to each other but only get ~200Mbps via Wifi from the 3 antennas scattered around the house.

  • I did another full factory reset of the router and MeshPoints. Things have been stable since.

    The router is in bridge mode. I have a Ubiquiti ER-12P as my main router load balancing two providers.

    Automatic backbone band switching is disabled. 802.11r/k/v and A-MSDU for clients are enabled. Band and Router Steering are enabled.
    Channels are on automatic, Bandwidth are defaults.

    This is with predominantly Apple clients with a couple of Windows 10.

  • Well, after weeks on 3.4.3 I had to reboot the router to address speed issues. Don't know if this will recur, but checking in with my household members it seems that this may of been an issue for a week or two (most of my usage is pretty low speed).

  • @Rich-Sammon that's really unfortunate...I suppose I will open a support case. I rolled back to 3.4.2 and the Xbox issue still persists. Unfortunately I had taken a few months off from gaming and have updated a few firmware levels - so I don't remember the last version I was on when everything was working 😞

    On an aside - and quite ironically - I just sucked it up and decided to keep hardware NAT off. Funny enough, everything I have hard wired is still able to pull close to 1gbps (900+) so if I don't "need" hardware NAT on anymore to achieve 1gbps then maybe I should just leave well enough alone.

  • @Harald-Striepe if you still have issues may I suggest you consider to step down to the firmware v3.1.2. It’s pretty stable as I have 4 people working from home (mix of Mac & win) devices and have little issues with zoom and daily work remote server connections with their companies they work for. Only issue noticed is Xbox1 device has latency in 60-70ms range (hardwired) while speed tests show 600-700mbps with latency in the 20-30ms range. I will try turning NAT off but it may cause issues with VPNs we use to get to our company systems.

  • @Rich-Sammon Seems to be working pretty well right now, so I am not touching anything! I previously had tried resets and they did not work. I also had reverted, which is quite the PITA to do. But ok now. I sent back the Orbi I bought with possible thought of replacement. Overall I like the AmpliFi HD/Meshpoint design and performance is adequate for my miserly 50-80Mbps Internet combining two providers. Live in the mountains!

  • @Harald-Striepe that’s great!! I do think the AMPLIFI mesh is the best design out there and was also consider and Orbi setup after my 3yr old AMPLIFI decided to go belly up as the internet port stopped working so had to throw entire system in the trash! I went back and bought a new system about 4months ago (the HD model again) and I have two routers (backhauled) and 3 antennas and it covers my entire house and part of outside. I just wish the admin functions and controls were better for an easier user experience. As you said doing any firmware downgrades are very painful and time consuming and I think their testing is very poor which make us the guinea pigs for them to test updates.

  • @Rich-Sammon An alternative would have been to buy the Ubiqiti ER-Lite and run the AmpliFi in bridge mode. You lose some of the ease of control, but the web admin interface of the Edge router is very detailed and CLI gives you a lot of control.
    I am running a Ubiquiti ER-12P with the AmpliFi in bridge mode. Previously used the ER-Lite, but I want to be ready for third provider - StarLink - in my load balancing setup. 😉
    The ER-12P is overkill, but they last forever and I like to buy for the future,

  • @Harald-Striepe yea I did split out the wifi vs router traffic...I’m using a combo cable/router modem (arris 8300) setup running AMPLIFI as well in bridge mode...i did his in case the main router/modem goes down I have a backup modem that would work with AMPLIFI HD. I would assume you have a separate modem for the incoming internet connection that connects to the 12-p router?

  • @Rich-Sammon yes, there is a Frontier DSL modem that is set to forward everything and a MicroTik AP router for a microwave link. That is set to bridge.

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