AmpliFi HD Firmware v3.4.3

  • @Shane-Lentini the reply I got from them was "It is a known issue that the Xbox chat doesn't work when the hardware NAT option is enabled in the app. It is because the hardware NAT is incompatible with some protocols. So, it is suggested to place the hardware NAT OFF while using Xbox chat." They did not actually acknowledge that it used to work.

  • I tried 3.4.3 after 3.4.2 didn't work for me as it basically reduced the coverage to the point that the mesh points couldn't connect to each other. So I have been on 3.4.1 up to now...

    I updated all devices on the network and got the same result as with 3.4.2. I therefor rolled back to 3.4.1 again.

  • I had 3.4.3 version installed since the first beta and sadly it must have introduced for me the problem often reported by others: wifi devices might suddenly drop to almost zero speed on 5GHz despite very good connection

    Usually this happens when connected to a mesh point and will only be resolved with mesh point restart though recently I had similar issue when connected to the router

    I thought it was triggered by my new neighbour’s router jumping on the same 5GHz channel but it’s been on a very different channel for long time and wifi scans don’t show any other networks on the same channel when the issue happens

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