What is the purspose of the speaker on Amplifi Alien?

  • Hi everyone, this kind of a basic question, but I was wondering why the Amplifi Alien has an arguably more capable than necessary speaker on it. Don't get me wrong, I like speaker, I am just curious to know if I am not using some cool feature that they enable. Is there some sort of special feature in the works that can take advantage of the speaker? Thank you. @UI-Karlis

  • @Nadim-Kabir
    I am not aware of any upcoming feature updates that will utilize the on-board speaker... However, its current use seems to be strictly for boot up "Hello" sounds!

    Pointless? Yes.. Cool? also yes. I'm sure it will have some more utility later down the road! WAN up/down would be cool... Also different tones that are user allocate-able for different messages. IE: the boot up sound could differ from WAN up/down.


  • @Anthony_014 I wonder if there is a mic in there as well? Don't have one so no way to tell.

  • @Matthew-Leeds it would be kind of cool if they could make this like a google home or Amazon Alexa speaker. But I am sure there would be a lot of concern about privacy. I don't know, but I am intrigued by the potential.

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