Netgear Arlo Q Camera Drops Wifi Connection

  • The cause of this issue is difficult to isolate since both my Alien and the camera received software updates around the same time. The Alien is on 3.4.1.

    I’ve had the Arlo Q connected to my 5GHZ band wifi network for several years with no issue. Prior to installing the Alien early last spring the camera was connected to my Apple router and had no issues. When the Alien was installed the camera connected to the default network, I have the 2.4 and 5 bands named differently and the camera was connected to the 5. It sits right next to the Alien so it’s signal reception is very strong and had not had any issues.

    Within the last couple months both the Alien and the camera received the software updates. For at least several weeks now the camera dropped its wifi connection every day between 4 and 5am as well as occasionally at other times during the day. It has been the only device so affected. I tried all the usual tactics, restarting, unplugging, etc. Nothing changed. I have read here a few times that some devices have had issues with the wifi 6 bands, but up until recently the camera had not had any issues.

    However I decided to experiment before giving up on the camera so I enabled the additional 5GHz network which I understand is not a wifi 6 network. I connected the camera to that network and since making the change yesterday morning there has been no loss of wifi connection on the camera. One day is not conclusive proof that this is resolved but I’m fairly confident since this is the first day that the camera has not dropped its connection at least once in a few weeks.

    Because switching to the additional 5GHz network seems to have resolved this I suspect that the 3.4.1 update caused the issue even though the camera, so far, has been the only device affected.

    I’m not normally looking at my iPhone or ipad between 4 and 5am so I can’t say definitively that they have not had issues, the camera starts blinking an amber LED when the connection drops so it’s obvious when this happens. But during the day when this also occasionally happens to the camera I’ve not noticed any issues with the other devices.

  • @John-Pappas said in Netgear Arlo Q Camera Drops Wifi Connection:

    For a month or more the camera dropped its wifi connection every day between 4 and 5am as well as occasionally at other times during the day.

    I've read that some home security devices refresh their internet connections in the early hours of the morning. but if this didn't happen before you did the Alien AND Arlo firmware updates, that's not likely the reason, I guess. If using the other 5 GHz channel exclusively for the camera continues to work, post again.

    Jim Robertson

  • @jsrnephdoc Fingers crossed but so far the connection hasn’t dropped once in over 24 hours. That’s a first in at least a couple weeks. I’ll have to check to see when 3.4.1 came out and was installed but it was a gradual roll out and then pulled for a time then re-released so I don’t know if I could pin the date down. But I’m more and more convinced that’s the basis of the issue. I’ll keep it connected to the additional network but I am still concerned that other devices could be impaired if the cause isn’t identified before other releases come. Looking at the beta release threads there are a number of similar posts with other devices so I don’t think the betas have solved this yet.

  • @John-Pappas After more than 48 hours with no wifi drops I’m considering this solved. And I’m convinced it’s a bug from the 3.4.1 software update since the issue started at about the same time my Alien updated to it. And also since switching to the additional 5GHHz network resolved it when prior to 3.4.1 there were no issues on the default network.

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