No Internet Connection, please contact your ISP.

  • Can some one help me to diagnose this problem. It's been happening more often the ever At least 3 time per day. I've done everything starting from exchanging my router resetting amplify HD etc. Nothing works. Tried changing DNS same thing. Its frustrating. Any help world be appreciated. Am I missing anything !?

  • I am having the same issue. Says to plug in the cable so I unhook the cable from my existing Amplifi HD router that works and plug it in to a new Amplifi HD wan port and all it ever says is "No Internet Connection, please contact your ISP". Support is not helpful. Cannot even access the amplifi.lan web page either. Seems UI has a lot of defective devices they are shipping.

  • Hello, please contact our support team and attach a support info file so that we can help to resolve your issue.

  • @chants92 I cannot connect to "amplifi.lan" but can connect to the internal IP address. For me, it is

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