wifi speed problem

  • @davidcl82 Any mesh or other router is going to give you the same results. You might see results in the 500+ range with an Alien or equivalent but nothing significantly different. For a short time this year we had gig service and started out with an Apple router and then our Alien. The Alien provided a bit more speed but still in the 500+ range over WiFi but it is significantly better in range.

    The best results I’ve seen posted from someone on gig service was in the 700 range but he was in a very low density environment. In our urban condo situation that’s not possible. Feel free to buy what you want now that you know what to expect. If you find one that works better with your situation keep it. But that’s going to be a lot of buying and returning with, perhaps, no improvement.

  • Wish I got 500Mbps! Spectrum 1g, I see 120-150M max no matter where wifi devices are in the house. It's horrible. Wish I could send it back, but just past the return date. 😞

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