Quality When Using 3 Mesh Points

  • I have an Amplifi HD system, configured as folllows:

    Basement: Main Router

    Main Floor: Mesh Point - Middle of my house

    2nd Floor: Mesh Point - Left side of house

    My wi-fi in my garage, is somewhat weak, and was wondering if by adding a 3rd mesh point, if it would draw off of one of the existing mesh points to provide better wi-fi, without sacrificing the overall speed and performance everywhere else. Thanks.

  • I have not used this system but that is how mesh works. I would try to find a spot CLOSER to the garage but in better coverage area and place it there. Hopefully that will saturate your garage enough. If not then at that point in time you should have enough in your garage to add a 4th. In theory it shouldn't matter how many you add because you are using the wireless signal essentially as a cable. The way they are making the mesh work now days is usually with a dedicated set of antennas that are not "client" antennas (these may not) or they work off of a different frequency so they don't affect the quality overall.

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