Sky Q - UK

  • Just upgraded my WiFi from a hodgepodge AirPort network to AmpliFi HD with 2 mesh routers and so far I’m loving it. Speed has increased 10x in parts of the house and there are no dead zones.

    The only problem I’m having is with Sky Q. My main box which is connected to the dish is downstairs, and when I’m watching the mini box upstairs it lags every now and again, and if I go to download something from On Demand or Catch-up, it crashes altogether. Are there settings I can alter to optimise this?

    Hardwiring to Ethernet isn’t possible, although power line to Ethernet is, if required...

  • @mttswllw Hi. I just saw a post wherby you can modify the SkyQ 5ghz chanel to 36 @40 and change the Amplifi HD chanel to 48 @40 bandwidth. I don't know if it will work. Please post back and let me know?

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