More WiFi Speed Issues

  • Hey everyone, I've dug through these forums trying to find answers to my problem without any luck.

    I have an Amplifi HD and CM1000 DOCSIS3.1 modem with Xfinity Gigabit. Using firmware 3.4.3 on my Amplifi HD. With a hard wired connection to my PC I am getting over 900 down, but with a new Macbook Pro and new iPhones I can only get between 150-230 down from a few feet away from the router. I have turned on Hardware NAT and rebooted, but that did not help.

    Any other suggestions?

  • @Tyler-Cooper I'm running into the same issue.

    ISP: Comcast Xfinity 1000Mbps/Gigabit
    Modem: Netgear CM1000
    Router: Amplifi HD

    Wired Speeds: 840+
    Wireless to 802.11ac: ~120
    Firmware: 3.4.3

    Does this sound normal; seems slow for a WiFi connection? I did a Factory reset already. Turned on Hardware NAT even though that's for Hardwired speeds. Disconnected every other device. Disconnected the mesh points and sat 10 feet from the Router.

    Any thoughts?

  • I since iPhone 11 and MacBook 2020 the maximum I have reached for wifi has been 500mb, but most of the time it rarely exceeds 200mb, so it seems that the solution is to change it for another router

  • @davidcl82 so you mean the best solution is to change to another router brand, like netgear , d-link , asus , etc ?

  • I sincerely believe that yes, and also to buy a device compatible with wifi6, what is the use of hiring 1gb if your router limits your speed, I have been very disappointed with this amplification problem

  • I am leaning towards switching brands as well. This Amplifi HD router should be able to handle more than the 150-200 Mbps down I am getting over wifi. I'll justify the upgrade from a relatively new, very expensive router, by getting wifi 6. Really disappointed in Ubiquiti...I thought I was paying for the best. 😞

  • Have you guys tried going into settings and changing it to bridge mode? I think that's what support had me do a while back and it helped. ill double check later when I am at home and confirm.

    Check with online ubiquity tech support, they are quite good at helping troubleshoot these types of issues.

    I agree 100-200Mbps on a 1Gbps is not ok. You should be getting between 400-500 with an amplifi HD.

    More importantly if you have a 1Gbps connection you should buy a wifi6 router.

  • @Tyler-Cooper
    Hate to 'pile on', but I'm experiencing the similar problem (speeds are a bit different; otherwise same issue).

    My solution, after offer capturing throughput speeds on different devices across different areas within the house; as well as measuring Noise/Signal ratios...AND waiting for Ubiquiti support to respond to a ticket opened with all this data to remove all Ubiquiti Remote Antennas and replace them with TPLink WiFi extenders.

    Hated to spend more money, however with the Expense of the LACK of support thus far and the immediate need to support Education and Work From Home efforts...too expensive to stay with Complete Ubiquiti Amplifi solution.

    Hope this helps.

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