Possible to transfer settings to replacement router??

  • I just received a second replacement Alien router due to the random rebooting issue. Is it possible to transfer all the settings from the old one so I don't have to set up the new one from scratch?

  • @ronbriggs back it up using the web browser & then restore it when you get the replacement unit.

  • @Tristan-Baptist Can you be more specific about the order of steps (including erasing the old unit of all my personal settings)? Won't I lose internet access when I disconnect the old unit? If so, how do I connect to the new unit?
    Thanks, and sorry for the noob questions.

  • @ronbriggs back it up siding the web UI before you disconnect anything. After it’s backed up you will lose a connect. Set it up and head into the web ui an restore the new one from the back up settings.

  • @Tristan-Baptist I have a second Alien set up as an ethernet-connected mesh point. Do I need to change any settings on that, or once I restore the settings of the main, replacement unit, will it just work as it did before?

  • @ronbriggs just the main then once completed connect the other as a mesh.

  • OK, this was NOT as easy and straightforward as one might expect. Just in case this helps anyone else, I'm documenting my experience.

    Once you disconnect the old router, you lose internet connectivity (duh), but it's not immediately obvious how you connect to the replacement unit in order to upload the backup file. I connected it to my modem and the only option I had was to set it up as a brand new unit. So I did that, but I still didn't have a network connection. I eventually figured out that you need to connect to the temporary WiFi network created by the Alien. However, when doing this, it nagged me for a firmware update. I was worried that wouldn't work since I had no network connection, but somehow it completed. After if was done, I uploaded the restore file and it seemed that everything was transferred over. However, I was wrong:

    • All of the display settings (brightness, etc.) were back to defaults
    • All of the custom speed settings (gaming, streaming) that I had set for different devices were reset back to "normal" so I had to reset them.
    • My second 2.4GHz network was disabled and had to be enabled again
    • The unit no longer showed on the Amplifi app on my iPhone. I had to go back to the main menu and select "Switch AmpliFi"
    • The second Alien I am using as a Mesh Point would not connect to the main unit. I eventually had to reset that one to factory defaults by pressing the reset button and setting it up again from scratch (the instructions for resetting the unit on the AmpliFi web site are also outdated as the latest firmware does not require the reset button to be pressed for 10 seconds).

    In fact, I think the only thing that the backup files DID do was keep all the custom icons I had set.

    Overall, this was frustrating.

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