Hughesnet Satellite internet slow.

  • I moved to an area that has no internet service and had to go with Hughesnet. Didn’t want to, but it was my only option. I can connect directly to the Hughesnet wifi and get decent speed, but the range is not good enough for all my devices.

    When I turn off the Hughesnet wifi and run the modem to my Amplifi router, it is extremely slow. I have spent quite a bit of time on the phone with Hughesnet with no solutions to the issue. They said I am running a VPN on my network and it is slowing my internet speed....but I am not running a VPN. My Amplifi works perfectly other than the issue with Hughesnet slow speeds.

    Is anyone else running Hughesnet and having these issues or no issues? Does anyone know of any special settings that I need to change on my router?

  • @Jim-Buchanan-II This is one of several articles I found about the best routers to use with Hughesnet and Amplifi is not on the list.

    I am not a HughesNet user.

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