Warning about buying Amplifi kits

  • I'm not sure if this is common knowledge, but it was news to me! I purchased a kit with one HD and two mesh points a bit over 2 years ago. I also separately purchased 3 more HD's. The HD from the kit has failed - its WAN port no longer functions. And guess what? Ubiquiti doesn't do repairs, and if I purchase a new one, the existing perfectly functional mesh points won't work - they are hard paired to the faulty HD. I find this design choice pretty unbelievable. They just tell me I have to purchase a new HD and two new mesh points. That's frankly ridiculous.

    To top things off, I can't even use the faulty HD purely as a mesh point - it can't be used on a system with standalone products, like with my other HD's.

    The moral of the story - if you must use Amplifi, stay well away from buying kits. You might pay a little more, but the flexibility is well worth it.

  • @sddawson I must ask this:
    How fast broadband do you have at home?

    If it is 1000Mbit/s it is 1Gb/s then that is the problem.

    Amplifi HD can't handle more then 900Mbit/s it will show error screen: WAN port is unplugged

  • @Eric35 thanks for the thought, nut no, that’s not it. My broadband is only 100mbs and the HD was working fine until recently. Now, when I connect the WAN port to my modem, there are no connection lights on the modem (or even if I connect the HD to an Ethernet switch to test it). The WAN port has definitely failed. And I recommissioned an existing HD I was using as a mesh point as a router, and that works fine.

  • @Eric35

    No error here?


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