2 Routers in the same house.

  • I have 2 routers the first is connected to the modem and it works great including the 2 mesh points. the second router is connected by a cat 5 cable that is connected to the first router. The sound router works great but the two mesh points can not be log in. On the second router, I have gone through a factory reset and it is a matched set. The mesh points show up on my phone but I can not seem to add them.

  • @Don-Zab Are the first HD and mesh points a kit?

  • Both routers are separate kits as referenced matching ID numbers on the 3 pieces. The first router has the router and 2 mesh points shown on my phone. On the second router, I factory rebooted it followed the suggested sequences. The second router logs in fine and works properly when the speed test is performed. The icons for the mesh point are shown but not the ID numbers so are not working. Thanks JEF

  • @Don-Zab I thought maybe the first HD and the mesh points had been purchased as a kit and if so those mesh points could only be controlled by the first HD.

    If I understood you correctly that is not the case so unfortunately, I do not have any further ideas.

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