Use the router speaker as a wifi speaker

  • I would really like the ability to connect to the speaker in the router from my phone to use it as a normal wifi speaker. Thanks.

  • Nadim, given the group to which you've posted (AmpliFi Alien Suggestions), I'll assume that's the device you have. I can't answer, but I can ask a corollary question: even if you could, would you have HiFi WiFi? I don't know if you're hoping to listen to music or just use it as a Google Home, Alexa, Echo, or HomePod Mini substitute, but each of those contains a speaker or speaker array supposedly equipped to provide reasonably high quality music reproduction. That should be part of your question.

    I do know that the default configurations of macOS 10.15 (Catalina) and iOS 14.1 don't seem to contain any "hooks" for treating the AmpliFi Alien as a client of an iPhone or macOS computer.

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