Schedule updates for a certain time

  • How can I schedule updates to be installed at a particular time, say 3 AM only? Updates are pushed out during the day and it interrupts my work schedule. Thanks!

  • @Joy-Holman Are you talking about scheduling a vetted update or all updates? By vetted update, I mean one that has been out a while, and the user has watched/researched the effects of the said update, then it would be good to be able to schedule that update.

    There have been too many problems with updates for me to want them automatically installed.

  • Hi James,
    My internet connectivity went down today, and when looking at the Amplifi, it showed that there was an update ready to be downloaded. I couldn't get internet connectivity back until I downloaded the update and the Amplifi rebooted.

    This has happened several times in the middle of the workday, and it would just be nice to able to schedule it for 3 AM rather than during the day. I don't see any options at all in the app regarding updates.

  • @Joy-Holman Ok, understand why you wanted to schedule the update. What I don't understand is that you stated you had no internet connectivity but were able to download and install the update. How were you able to download the update?

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