Major traffic issues.

  • So I am having some pretty significant problems with the AmpliFi HD system. The wifi portion works great, but I am having major issues with packet loss. It clears up after a router reset, but will come back as soon as 5 minutes, or a few hours later. I thought that I might have gotten a bad unit initially, so I took it back. However, the second unit is doing the same thing. I notice it happen when I am live streaming, in a voice call, and when I am gaming. I unfortunately don't have any logs or similar information to include.

  • @xLogisticsx It's not a bad unit but a bad firmware since 3.4.0 and it seem to continue with bad firmware's released.

  • Do they not care to fix the issue? If it's been a problem for a while now, surely someone other than me has come forward with issues. Regardless, I'm not going to bother keeping a product that breaks when it's updated out of the box, nor do I care to deal with the issue while waiting around for them to fix it. I'll just go with some other mesh unit. Thanks for the information.

  • Hi @xLogisticsx,

    As @Eric35 claims a bad fw, I cannot personally agree on that.

    I have been running the AmpliFi HD with two mesh points for three weeks now with latest fw and no issues at all.

    We have ca 20 devices on WiFi and two wired devices.

    I don’t know what kind of setup you have before the AmpliFi HD, but there might be a possibility of faulty cables or hardware.

    I should suggest that you contact the AmpliFi support so you could have proper assistance.

    All the best,


  • @Mikael-Johansson I think we had this discuss earlier and i must say you have no idea what you are saying.
    If you are not sure please stop adding my name!!!!! You have done it earlier.

    If it works for you then good if not for me or others then you dont know if it is the firmware or a bad unit or something else!!!

    As i said we had this discussion earlier.

  • @Eric35

    For your information this is a forum of free speech where the intention is to help and support each other regarding the AmpliFi products.

    That’s my goal, to help and support.

    If you or anyone else doesn’t like that or doesn’t like getting your name “published”, well I don’t know what to say about that. It seems to be a part of the the parcel....

    As I wrote in my response, “cannot personally agree on that” and “ but there might be a possibility of faulty cables or hardware” which implies that I do not agree with you that “every” product is faulty. But that there might be a problem, and you need to do a throughout troubleshooting together with AmpliFi support.

    Until next time @Eric35,

    All the best!


  • @Mikael-Johansson I have already tried another unit and same problem.

    Next time you want to reply to anyone then better have some knowledge then just gueesing things!!!
    It would be better for your health!
    Because you just seem to guessing issue's. But no knowledge.

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