Extensive Setup Question

  • Here is my topology. WAN1(Uverse) > eth0 & WAN2 (WOW) > eth1 on Edgerouter 4. eth 2 to 24 port gig switch. Alien Router in bridge mode connected to switch from WAN port. All good.

    However I am adding a router / mesh pair and Im stuck in a loop. I havent go to the mesh device yet. On the second router (connected via Ethernet WAN port to switch also) I can see it in the Amplifi App on Android as New Mesh Point.

    When I click add to network, it asks me to name it when I do the next screen says Unable to locate Amplifi. Please open Wifi settings and connect to the wifi network HomeWifi - cancel or open wifi settings. If I cancel it just times out. If I connect to that Wifi it just goes back to the Amplifi main screen.

    Please help me. I want to love this so much. But am so frustrated at this point.

  • Anyone? Really has nobody added more than one device to an Amplifi Alien network?

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