• AmpliFi Alien firmware version 3.4.3 has been released.

    Release notes:

    • list itemEnhanced stability and performance
    • list itemFixed UPnP server not started
    • Improved remote access reliability
    • Send anonymous kernel crash logs to Ubiquiti
    • Added option to disable IGMP proxy for Wi-Fi calling (in web portal)
    • Other minor improvements and fixes

    We use a gradual rollout for the update. It may take up to a week for your device to receive this update.
    AmpliFi Alien Firmware Release Notes

  • @UI-AmpliFi does the WiFi calling fix interfere with those who stream for example AT&T now? Seeing that it disables IPTV

  • @UI-AmpliFi this is hilarious πŸ˜› i created a new topic about it.. but i removed it now, i'm gonna test this final firmware now πŸ˜‰ looks good!!

  • I'm still on v3.4.0,β€”will wait about a week before upgrading, since the last release didn't go so well in terms of stability.

    That said, always a good thing to see numerous release candidates before the final version.

  • Few hours in and everything is great. Thank you AmpliFi team for working with us to fix Wi-Fi Calling –– happy to report it's working great –– among other issues other users were reporting.

  • @UI-AmpliFi Installed this in the hope my issue with spontanious (out-of-the-blue) shutting off of the meshpoint was fixed. But again my meshpoint was going dark again (in the middle of a teams call). Support files are sent again!

  • The betas I had fixed the WiFi Calling issue on my iPhone 11 Pro Max. This new firmware update completely broke it and I'm now stuck without the ability to make WiFi calls. How do you fix something in your RCs and then break it again when pushing out 3.4.3? This is absolutely maddening and unacceptable.

  • @Auke-Wesselink Please keep us up to date on your meshpoint issues. I've been hesitant to purchase another Alien to improve my 5Ghz coverage.

  • @Joseph-Francis-Lambert-Caubo i didn't noticed it before but you're right, WiFi Calling doesn't work on my iphone 12 pro too... πŸ€” switching IGMP proxy on and off doesn't change anything..

  • Works for me.

  • Mine says it's up to date on 3.4.1. Is this a staged rollout? If so, when can we expect all units to receive the update?

  • Had the update message on the app, updated to 3.4.3 updated both the router and mesh point fine, all working ok and no issues so far.
    Will see if i still suffer from random disconnects to my modem.

  • @Dan-Nguyen-0 I will. Right now I am on track with support to deepdive into the issues.

  • i've tested some things to see if Wifi calling is working again..

    this is what i've done:

    1. a complete reset of the router
    2. switching off IGMP and on...


    iphone 12 pro refuses to switch to wifi call mode..

    i've tested different routers and it works great on these devices.. also, it works on the AmpliFi HD unit i had... this is a nice thing to test on the new beta firmware πŸ˜‰

  • Very weird. Wi-Fi Calling is working on all of our iPhone devices in the house with this firmware. We did not change any advanced settings in the Web UI.

    So far so good with 3.4.3 over here. Very impressed!

  • @dexx64 Just got my 12 Pro Max today, no issues setting up Wifi calling with 3.4.3 and wifi6 5g working awesome on it! I left IGMP setting on "default" (checked in the advanced settings section) after upgrading to 3.4.3 a couple days ago. I have about 70 (yeah I know, that's a lot... lots of smart devices at my house) devices connected to my Aliens (one main, one RAMP) and no issues so far.

  • @UI-AmpliFi Still haven't fixed the slow WiFi 6 speed issues...very disappointed. With how much I paid for this thing and I get faster speeds on AC speeds. Fix your overpriced router. It does not do what you say it does. And this was tested with an iPhone XS Max and a new iPhone 12 Pro Max. So I know it's not my equipment.

  • @Spanky-Licious What speed are you getting on with WiFi 6 on iphone 12 pro and at what distance, may I ask? I really like the looks/specs of this router, but looks like I am going to go with Asus. Still thinking though.

  • @oscartoro wow πŸ™‚ that's a lot for sure, about the wificall option on iphones, have IGMP settings also on default but it just doesn't work... there is just a weird software bug inside the alien, it has to be that! because my HD setup worked ok with that (before the wifi died) πŸ€”

  • @dexx64 since it’s working for me, maybe also depends on network service providers? I have ATT for cell service and Spectrum for internet service. Not like that’s going to help you but maybe it would help the AMPLIFI engineers narrow down the problem.

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