• @oscartoro i'm 🇳🇱 and like i said.. other ubiquiti routers work with WiFiCall, my network service provider is KPN.. it's 1 of the biggest in my country... to confirm it's working fine anywhere else.. i've checked it at my parents internet... my dads place has a amplifi HD set with 2 mesh points, i got wificall enabled there and it works, he's on a cable internet provider because there is no fiber yet 😛

    i've tested it at my moms place, she had my old HD setup before the wifi died... on fiber and on the same KPN internet provider as i have, wificall is working great, she has now a different router because the HD one is in repairs... and guess what, wificall works there too 😵

    i'm confused now... i'll try some things with with IPv6, maybe that's the problem (DHCP6 is on now)

  • @Spanky-Licious Have you thought about doing an RMA? My first Alien had a hardware issue with WiFi 6. I replaced it and the new unit has been awesome especially with the latest firmware.

  • Updated my Alien this morning all functions working without issues. Speeds are great, no issue with wifi calling on my new iPhone 12 Pro Max. I’ll give it another day to make certain my Arlo Q camera is maintaining its wifi connection and then I may switch it back to the default wifi 6 5GHz network. I had to enable the additional 5GHz network for the camera because 3.4.1 had caused it to drop its wifi connection everyday. On the additional 5 it hasn’t dropped once.

  • @UI-AmpliFi thanks. Understand the rolling updates, but I still am not seeing it. On 3.4.1 and firmware on all 3 of my alien routers has “no new firmware available” when I check. Has the rollout been paused?

  • @Daniel-Osers Mine was showing on my Alien and Amplifi app two days ago. I did the update yesterday with no issues.

  • @John-Pappas hmmm, this is just weird.. my old iphone 7 (my mom has it now) works great here... wificall is showing so... i'm out of idea's now 😞

  • @dexx64 I now have a 12 Pro Max, my wife has a XS, and we have a 7 that’s used as a house phone. All use WiFi calling without issue and since yesterday morning the Alien has been on 3.4.3 with no issues on any device yet. I am still thinking of putting our Arlo camera back on the default network instead of the additional 5 that I enabled to see if it still drops the connection as it did when 3.4.1 was released.

  • @John-Pappas hmm hmm, yes.. it's just so weird... oh well, maybe they fix it in a new firmware update 😉

  • @John-Pappas thanks for the reply. Yeah, strange. Still nothing here. 3.4.1, telling me no new firmware...

  • @John-Pappas ehm... i have news, i switched to e-sim... and gues what? wifi call works! it was my old sim card afterall 😛 haha

  • Finally pulled 3.4.3 on all 3 Aliens.
    All working well so far EXCEPT Wifi-calling. I am on T-Mobile, and all phones are iPhone 12 Pro.
    While it goes 'on' (shows) Wifi Calling' when idle, as soon as I make (or answer) a call, it falls back to regular and won't go back on unless I restart Wifi. I'll try the IGMP proxy toggle , but yeah, something weird going on.
    Wifi Calling on 3.4.1 was working fine @UI-AmpliFi

  • @Daniel-Osers oh wow, so there is really something on inside the alien, because wificall works sometimes.. and sometimes it doesn't (like now as i type this reply) 🤔

  • @Joseph-Francis-Lambert-Caubo I can’t do wifiCalls now with my iPhone 12 Pro Max.
    Its working great with other routers.

  • @Kayan-US Just tried with my 12 Pro Max, ATT, no issues with my call. 3.4.3. Without WiFi calling I can barely complete any calls, cell reception is very poor. So far this has worked flawlessly, fingers crossed.

  • @John-Pappas It works ! But the “vowifi” only shows when you receive a call!
    My old router keeps the “vowifi” all the time.

  • It (the WiFi calling fix) worked perfectly during rc2. Hopefully they can work out the disconnecting issues some devices were having with the fix & apply it back into the next beta round. Working from home again is looking more like a reality & i'd def need WiFi calling to be fully functional.

  • I'm running in bridged mode, and had to re-toggle the IPv6 button to get it working again. Other than that it has been smooth sailing for me. I don't use wifi-calling so I can't comment on that.

  • Just an FYI - I have been noticing after a couple of days of usage with QoS Latency Optimization enabled in the Web UI, the broadband download speed becomes capped at exactly 50% of the bandwidth setting, while the upload speed is not affected

    As soon as you toggle or change the setting it resets and the broadband download speed goes back up to the set value, but after a couple of days it becomes capped at 50% again

    This is with no other active traffic present during testing, so I am not sure if the Alien is trying to reserve 50% of the download bandwidth for another phantom client or some other reason, but it is always an exact 50% limit which doesn't ever increase without intervention

  • Big problems for me in 3.4.3 where devices further away from the router couldn't get a stable 5ghz connection, constantly dropping wifi, essentially losing internet access. Downgrading to 3.4.1 instantly fixed all the issues. Guess I'll be staying on this ver for a while.

  • So far v3.4.3 works as good as v3.4.1 with my setup. PS5 works fine on the AX Radio (PS4 did not).

    Looking through these threads I see a lot of people mentioning Wi-Fi Calling not working for their iPhones and I guess I never noticed it but it doesn't seem like it works for any of the iPhones here as well (T-Mobile and ATT). Not an issue for us since we have good enough signal here for normal calls.

    Edit: Actually I do see T-Mobile Wifi working, its not on always but I do see it functional sometimes.

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