• @dwightpro I am on ATT and also no issues with wifi calling using my Alien. Does not seem to be related to a carrier. 2 Apple watches, they have their own lines but use wifi for calls when our phones are off, and 3 iPhones that do, so probably not ios related.

  • @UI-AmpliFi so 3.4.3 killed my lcd controller. This is now my 3rd unit that has had it's lcd controller die, always following an update. How do you think you are going to earn loyalty with a product that costs 2x it's competitors and has such horrifying QA issues? No I'm not going to waste my money RMAing it to you again because it's guaranteed to just fall apart like the others. This is the last amplifi or ubiquiti product I ever buy.

  • @Matt-Anger You’ve had the LCD burn on three units? You must be the unluckiest person, I’m not being sarcastic. I think I’ve come across one other user with an LCD issue. My two Alien routers are doing fine with their LCD’s functioning. I’m sorry for your experience, that’s really unfortunate.

  • @iamaydo yep. My main unit burnt out, rma'd and now that one's burnt out. My (original) mesh unit burnt out recently as well.

  • @Matt-Anger are you using a surge protector board and have you had your power sockets in the house checked by an electrician, just asking because I've had electronics go weird in my place due to old wires and faulty sockets soon as those were changed everything worked fine issues gone.

    The only time I've ever seen electronics have catastrophic failure that you seems to describe has been the damage from power surges during lightning storms I can attest to it since I've had to replace multiple routers from family due to them using cheap power boards.

  • @Edward-Dolezal yep surge protector on the on one and a full UPS protecting the other.

  • @Edward-Dolezal note both units still work for wifi. I can connect to them etc. They are fully functional, minus the lcd screen.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Matt-Anger Most likely yes, but figured I would ask: do you have the lcd turn on and night mode turn off on the amplify app?

  • @tonytrung That’s a good thought. I had one update that I had to toggle night mode off and then back on. When the screen was dark after the update I figured a setting had been altered. No biggie I’ve had other such instances with other equipment after an update.

  • FWIW to all: I have had my unit on 3.4.3 now for about 4-5 days. Stability is good and no issues to report just yet. (I have a relatively small LAN that consists of 2 Galaxy Note 10's, a Xbox One X (wired), some security cameras that are 2.4 only, a few laptops, and desktops/VoIP phones) I WAS on 3.4.0 (skipped 3.4.1 due to issues). This upgrade for me also solved some VoIP/SIP issues I was having (1-way traffic, could not dial out from my home office phone) I assume to be SIP ALG settings or other have been adjusted/turned off by default as they should be.

  • My wiifi calling issues are really bad. His do I downgrade back to 3.4.1?

  • @riteshp83 same here, everything else works ok but wifi call sometimes work for a few minutes and then it switches off.. this is just weird 🤔 i had a Amplifi HD set that worked flawlessly with wifi call, maybe it's a good idea for the developers to compare the wifi options between the Alien and HD unit 🙂

  • Have had this firmware installed on my unit for over 20 days now: no complaints thus far.

    Stability is very good, performance is noticeably better on some clients, and above all, responsiveness when loading a webpage feels snappier.

    Testing latency performance, hrping did not show any issues.

  • I had an issue today when I turned band steering off and 2.4Ghz became unavailable on my alien running 3.4.3. Wi-Fi scanner confirms no 2.4Ghz bring broadcast

  • @UI-Brett how can I request the 3.4.1 firmware as nothing is helping my wifi calling issues on this latest firmware. Everything worked smoothly on the previous firmware for me.

  • @riteshp83 Yes you can request the FW, but it now happens via support request forms. Please submit a form.

  • happy with the 3.4.3 firmware, the only thing that doesn't work here is WifiCalling... i have a Amplifi HD (3.4.3) setup at my mom's place and there are no problems at all with wificall... maybe it's a good idea to compare the firmwares, there is just a weird setting wrong in the alien firmware 😉

  • @UI-AmpliFi when will we get an update that includes dynamic dns support?

    Your device has portforwarding that is useless for home users without it.... most home users don’t pay for public IPs...

  • @Gofast I got the below from the support team. An RMA wasn’t even suggested:

    “Yes, we are aware of the slow speeds over the WiFi 6 devices and the developers are working on it to fix the issue. We hope that the issue will be fixed in some future firmware updates.


    When I asked for an ETA I got the below:

    “Unfortunately, there is no ETA on when it would be available. We hope that the fix will be available soon.

    We are really sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.


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