• @Kevin-Romero Hi, Kevin.
    Please try the latest Beta firmware.
    You can enroll in Beta program by following the steps below.

    1. Log into AmpliFi WebUI - http://amplifi.lan/login.php (you have to connect to the AmpliFi device WiFi directly)
    2. At the bottom you will see option to receive Beta firmware updates.

    If you have issues with this firmware please contact support and they will guide you back to stable version.

  • @UI-AmpliFi Thanks, I updated this morning and it seems to be going even slower on the 5G now. Looks like 350mbps when I was getting 630mbps+. Not much better than the free router that came with my internet provider unfortunately. How would I go about downgrading just to be sure that it’s firmware related?

  • @Kevin-Romero Login to WebUI, unchecked 'receive beta updates', then click 'support' in the top right, then select ' update' under current firmware version.

  • @GameGeek126 while I do agree with you that it would be nice to get an update that includes dynamic dns (DDNS) support, I don't agree that port forwarding is useless for home users without it. Two main reasons:
    1- There are DDNS solutions that could be used without router DDNS support. For example:
    a. Some DDNS providers (like DynDNS for example) provide clients that would be viable for some home users to run in a server at home
    b. Some home NAS systems (like Synology NAS systems for example) include their own DDNS clients
    2- Depending on your network and device configuration, there are some scenarios where port forwarding would still be useful even without DDNS "in the loop"

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