PLC and Amplifi HD. What’s the setting?

  • Hi
    I have 4 mesh units in my home with thick walls. I also have a 300Mbps connection but when I’m connected to a “secondary” mesh unit I get around 100Mbps. I call primary to the mesh unit connected to my modem and secondary to one connected to the primary vía wifi.
    I’ve found a product called Devolo that allows me to send my internet connection through the electric circuit in my home so I thought that I could connect the Devolo to the primary mesh via Ethernet cable and then connect the secondary Devolo to the secondary mesh via cable so the internet connection could be all wired but through the electric circuit (I have the 1200Mbps version).

    My question is how should I setup the secondary mes unit? Wired backhaul I think?
    Has anyone done this?

  • @Emiliano-Elías you need to enable ethernet backbone in the secondary unit. You can also look into other cpl units (I've found devolo to be expensive, tp link isn't bad). All of this is assmuning your secondary isn't a mesh point but an amplifi hd set up as a RAMP (router as mesh point). The mesh points themselves (the sticks) don't have ethernet.

  • @Raghu-Kannan hi. Have you tried this? I could configure it but I get 25Mbps instead of something near 300.

  • @Emiliano-Elías not with amplifi gear but at my in laws with orbis for ethernet backhaul via cpl.. Remember though, that with cpl, your electrical installation (wiring, phase, snr etc,) play à big role in what speeds the cpl will communicate at.

    Also, make sure your cpl ethernet is gigabit and not 10/100 mega bit (or is not negotiating at gigabit).

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