Ethernet Backhaul Performance over Powerline

  • I'm trying to set up Ethernet backhaul over TP-Link powerline adaptors for improved performance. My Internet connection is 100/20 fibre, and I actually get about 108 Mbps download speed from the Amplifi HD router that's connected to it. The powerline adaptors claim to have 150 Mbps for the link between themselves. But I only get about 40 Mbps from a second Amplifi HD that's connected to the first one via those adaptors, and configured for Ethernet backhaul. Any suggestions as to where the bottleneck might be?

  • @Mike-Scott many people using Powerline adaptors fare even worse. There are SO many variables. In some buildings, they work well only if both Powerline modules are on the very same circuit.

    In some houses, they'll work well on different circuits, provided they're on the same 120 Volt leg of the house's 240 volt service (in the very old days of X-10 modules, it was possible to bridge the two legs of the 240 V service at your electrical panel so that the digital signals of the X10 protocol could pass through, but it was also possible to electrocute yourself installing that cheap little capacitor if you didn't know what you were doing (and most electricians wouldn't have a clue why you'd want to do it).

    And, some people buy the highest rated Powerline modules they can, don't do any speed testing, and say they work wonderfully.

  • @Mike-Scott Which TP-Link system do you have? As noted previously, you can rarely get the advertised speeds from these things.

    I use a TP-Link TL-PL9020 system with 4 nodes in my 2400 square foot home, where the main node is running off of my HD RAMP, connected via Ethernet backbone to the main router. I use the nodes for a combination of devices...Kitchen computer, outdoor security cam, and two Roku Ultras. I was having WiFi stability issues on these devices, and, although the adapters certainly do not work at the advertised speeds (I get about the same as you despite what the TP-Link app says), they are a good enough trade-off for me for the sake of a stable connection, and, except for the rarely used computer, the others don't require a whole lot of speed anyway.

    Hope this helps you a bit. Bottom line is that you apparently can't expect anything close to what it says on the box : )

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