Do you recommend to use 2 Amplifi HD routers in Bridge mode to extend network and ensure roaming ?

  • Hi,
    I have 2 floors with very thick walls.
    My amplifi HD + the 2 mesh access points gives a good coverage for the first floor, but not for the 2nd floor.
    I tried to an additiaonal mesh access point on the second floor but still very weak signal.

    The main objective is to have a good wifi coverage on both floor, and seamless roaming.

    I am thinking of buying an additional Amplifi HD router for the second floor, and connect it to the first one with an eth cable and set it in bridge mode.

    What do you recommend ?

    Thank you


  • @Haissam-HASSAN the second router would act as an access point when it is configured. Therefore there is no bridge mode. Once configured you would add the ethernet connection as described in the help information