wifi speed question

  • So since the HD is a wifi5 router, It makes sense that I only got about 500Mbps on wifi with a 1Gig connection.

    But why is it that now on a 500Mbps connection, I only get around 350Mbps with wifi?

    Is it just normal to have some loss at those speeds?

  • @Hamid-Davari On my previous router, an Apple Time Capsule which was not a WiFi 6 device, I got in the 500 range when Verizon Fios had bumped customers’ service up to gig level during the first Covid wave. Then I got the Alien and the speed was about the same, maybe a smidge more but insignificant. But the range was much better.

    Then our service was cut back to our normal level - 200/200. However Verizon pads that a bit so we get 300/300+ both by WiFi and direct connection. If our service was to be bumped up again to perhaps 500 I would assume we would see 300 - 400+ I have not found that WiFi 6 or WiFi 5 affects this other than possibly in range. I have enabled the additional 5 GHz network which I believe is a WiFi 5 network and our speeds are the same. I have that enabled for a security camera that kept losing its WiFi connection when 3.4.1 was released but has been rock solid on the additional 5 network. Your situation may be different but I see no difference in WiFi 5 or WiFi 6 except for range,

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