UK Alien Dropouts/Jitters

  • Just purchased the new AmpliFi Alien in the UK (v3.4.3), and am having some issues with dropouts, streaming jitters and speed degradation compared to my old Hyperoptic supplied ZTE router. I've tried turning off Band Steering to have the same issue. I'd preferably like to have a common SSID if possible but have found the signal to be inconsistent so I've also tried separate SSIDs. When running a Speedtest it appears as if the overall speed is slightly inferior compared to my prior basic router, however I noticed it'd stay at my 150Mbps and then just completely drop to 1/3 of that, and then eventually (hopefully) speed up again. I can't fathom it as my prior basic router never did that, and even Zoom/MS Teams calls tend to jitter/drop out for between 3-10 seconds. It's almost as if the signal doesn't stick and tries to be smart and potentially change bands, but I'm not sure. Any suggestions please? Complete noob here unfortunately. Thank you!

  • @Tahir-Merwanji Hi. Please contact our support and they will help you to investigate this issue. It is harder to do it here because we will need a support file from the router that contains private information such as IP and MAC addresses.
    You will find a form here.
    Thank you!

  • Thanks. Have done but have had a bit of a generic response. Has anyone found that turning band steering off seems to help a little, or is it just me? It's still not as good as my old ISP router but turning it off did help...

  • @Tahir-Merwanji Was that the final solution you arrived at? Do you still have this router in your network?

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