Temporarily force a device on a particular band without two SSIDs

  • I love how the Alien router has band steering and love the cleanliness of having a single SSID. The ONE area this gets tricky for me is when I need to connect my phone (iPhone 12 Pro) specific to the 2.4 band to connect some smart plugs, Nanoleaf lights, and previously a smart thermostat. I HAD to posit the SSIDs and force my phone on the 2.4 band.

    It would be great to go in to the app and tell the network to temporarily force my phone on the 2.4 band to set up the other smart devices without having to separate the SSIDs.

  • @connerdrew Hopefully one of the AMPLIFI guys will chime in. But it shouldn’t be necessary to force your phone to the other band. I don’t have those devices but I have a couple others that can only use the 2.4 band. I do have the bands named separately but that’s because I only want my phone and iPad to use the 5 band. The 5 reaches all areas of my home so I have no need for a device to switch back and forth. But they communicate with no issues to the devices on the 2.4 band. It’s all one network really.

    It would be odd and unfortunate for the common SSID setup to function differently.

  • I'm glad you've had smoother success setting up your devices. I have had a number of devices where this hasn't been the case for me. As soon as I split my network and force my phone on the 2.4 they immediately set up 🙂

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