Publicity within the iOS app đŸ˜¡

  • Am I the only one who is getting pop up for the Wifiman app when I want to check the performance within the app? It is very annoying! Come on, I have two Alien devices, paid high prices and not happy about this « publicity » within the app. đŸ˜¡

  • Only got it once when I opened the app, never since. Related to some ubiquiti contest that's ongoing...

  • @Raghu-Kannan in my cas it’s every time I go in the performance options... Very anoying đŸ˜¤ I did not paid premium $$$ devices for such intrusion. Come on AmpliFi...

  • @Raghu-Kannan I had never seen it before. After seeing this thread I checked and I’m getting it also. It must be a temporary promotion. I will have to see if it persists after today.

  • The app store notes on the latest iOS version included...

    What’s New
    Version History
    Nov 16, 2020 Version 1.14.0
    Thanks for choosing AmpliFi!
    We're constantly striving to enhance our product and we've incorporated the following changes:

    • Minor improvements and fixes
    • Opportunity to participate in the WiFiman contest with chances to win prizes from Ubiquiti (November 16th to December 13th)

  • @Derek-Saville maybe, but I don’t care about contest and even if they out it in a release note, I simply don’t appreciate it, it’s annoying and not relevant for a management app. Get your contest promo elsewhere. On top of that, I’m in a country other then US or Europe. So I’m not eligible!

  • Hi @RenĂ©-Guitar - I simply chose to delay updating to v1.14.0 until after December 13th since it appears the only purpose for the update is to gather performance testing data...

  • @Derek-Saville Wise man! đŸ˜‰

  • Poor results from the internal speed testing of the app has always been one of the top complaints in this community

    It's great they are trying to improve the feature in conjunction with WiFi Man and I can understand they might have felt the need to temporarily incentivize usage in order to get some meaningful data, especially when many of us are trained to avoid the app speed test at all costs

    But they should have at least included an opt out of the nag screen if it is that obtrusive

  • @Derek-Saville I honestly think they should put effort somewhere else (like more advanced options). This winman app is not that good anyway. The internal testing, Speedtest or nPerf are way much better. Focus where it is really beneficial on WiFi fonctionnality and reliability.

  • I honestly think they should put effort somewhere else

    Hi @René-Guitar - I understand, but on the other side I am for any improvement that helps to reduce the endless community complaints that WiFi speeds are too low because of reliance on the app

    We all know not to trust the app, but for many new users that will be one of the first things they check on a new install, and from a business perspective I can see AmpliFi wanting to avoid unnecessary returns because people mistakenly believe their new router isn't working as advertised on their new turbo super fast hyper light speed Internet connection

    In any case, it will go away in ~25 days*...

    *-...and that is pretty darn quick to squash a 'bug' by AmpliFi standards

  • @Derek-Saville well I have yet to see Amplifi to come with a publicity and an App each time they what to fix a bug. In my recent exchange with support they always ask me to use Speedtest app. Let’s do it this way, forget about the Speedtest functionality, and focus on reliability and other wifi management options.

  • Hi @RenĂ©-Guitar - this is the first time I recall them ever doing such an ad on a tab in the app that persists

    They have done informational notifications that run one-time upon installation of an update, but they don't return once you say you 'got it'

    Maybe they intended this ad not to return after a one-time run and the mechanism broke because it is on the performance tab??? Who knows...

    But I am sure they will consider it in the future should there ever be a need for such data gathering again

    My personal opinion from experience on what AmpliFi does and does not work on this case they are going where the money is and they believe the inaccurate testing was somehow costing them in returns as more people adjust to working from home and needing higher speed internet services which AmpliFi has not always done well with

    The speed test is a requested feature and part of their mesh setup process, but it also needs to be accurate

    Complaints about the accuracy have persisted for quite some time on this forum

    And you can see their progression how they added the "your ISP speed is ###, but your client speed is ####, so please don't blame us for the low score and return the product and talk to your ISP about an upgrade instead" messaging

    WiFiMan has also had a lot or recent work done on speed testing, including client-to-client testing

    For them to now try to incentivize people to use WiFiMan for testing with a contest in the AmpliFi app makes them appear desperate for meaningful telemetry, especially when the message has historically been "please ignore that app speed testing stuff - it doesn't work"

    So here we are with a first time plea for help

    I would also prefer they focus on reliability (that should be a given) and other options, but "what options" can turn into a rather lengthy debate like the Call for Feature Requests #1 debacle of 2017...

  • Hi @RenĂ©-Guitar - it appears your prayers were heard and answered...

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