Teleport's SSID disappears after changing band to 5GHz

  • I'm at a tech conference, using the convention center's wifi.
    Everything was running smoothly with my Teleport connected to my home until I decided to change the band to 5GHz.

    The app still shows my Teleport as connected and I can check all the options on it, but no SSID is listed anywhere. Used a few Wifi Analyzer apps I have, and nothing. It's either as hidden or not available at all, but it's clearly a bug.

    Sent the support info to @UBNT-Gunars by email.

  • Changed it back to 2.4GHz on the app, and the SSID magically appeared back.

    Just to make clear, I have support for 5GHz on both, my laptop (Surface Book) and my smartphone (Galaxy Note 8).

    Thiago Vinhas

  • @Thiago-Vinhas I'll look into it. Previously wanted to remove this option, but it could be useful if done right.

  • I actually saw what I believe to get the same issue. Connected to a 5Ghz wireless network and the Teleport seemed to stop broadcasting its SSID. I had to hardware to Ethernet to work around it. I can get support logs over the weekend.

  • Same issue. I connected my teleport to 5ghz WiFi and now it doesn't appear in available ssids. In the Android app, however, the drop-down option to change the band is greyed out.

    I don't want to reset the teleport in case that wipes my pairing to the HD back at home base.

  • @ian-celing Resetting will not remove the pairing back to the HD router at home. Teleport should prompt you to reconnect to any network if it looses its connection to the internet, or navigate to Amplifi.lan when connected to the Teleports SSID

  • @ubnt-brett That's very good to know. I live overseas and it would be impossible to re-pair the device if it were to get lost in a reset.

    I am still wondering what happened to the teleport's SSID after I connected it to the 5ghz wifi in my remote home? And how, without resetting the teleport, can I wipe the saved wifi credentials in the teleport so it asks me to choose a different wifi signal again?

  • Hi @ian-celing - not sure if this will help, but many times on Apple iOS devices I need to have them "forget" other existing local WiFi networks before they will see and connect to Teleport's SSID.
    For example, I have one iPhone that will not see the Teleport SSID "Blue" unless it forgets the local SSID "Red".
    While another nearly identical iPhone sees both "Blue" and "Red" no problem.

  • @derek-saville Thanks for the tip! Anyone else who might visit this thread, while in a remote location, I was able to get back into my teleport (after it's SSID disappeared) by connecting my teleport to the router via ethernet.

    Once connected and powered on, the teleport's SSID popped back on the radar and I could connect to the teleport's hotspot again. This works fine when you have access to the router, but in a coffee shop scenario, this would obviously not be of any help.

    I really hope Ubiquiti spends a little more time e refining this connection issue, and they definitely need an option (inside the Amplifier HD router app) to remotely wipe the cache of a connected teleport to help users start over an reconnect to another wifi ssid.

    Once your teleport has connected, you're at the mercy of the DHCP lease time before you can re-establish a new connection to the same remote source.

  • Hi @ian-celing

    I really hope Ubiquiti spends a little more time e refining this...

    Unfortunately Teleport in its entirety needs significant refinement and there has been near complete silence on the rebuild going on a year now (please help us @UBNT-Brett you are our only hope)

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