Teleport's SSID disappears after changing band to 5GHz

  • I'm at a tech conference, using the convention center's wifi.
    Everything was running smoothly with my Teleport connected to my home until I decided to change the band to 5GHz.

    The app still shows my Teleport as connected and I can check all the options on it, but no SSID is listed anywhere. Used a few Wifi Analyzer apps I have, and nothing. It's either as hidden or not available at all, but it's clearly a bug.

    Sent the support info to @UBNT-Gunars by email.

  • Changed it back to 2.4GHz on the app, and the SSID magically appeared back.

    Just to make clear, I have support for 5GHz on both, my laptop (Surface Book) and my smartphone (Galaxy Note 8).

    Thiago Vinhas

  • @Thiago-Vinhas I'll look into it. Previously wanted to remove this option, but it could be useful if done right.

  • I actually saw what I believe to get the same issue. Connected to a 5Ghz wireless network and the Teleport seemed to stop broadcasting its SSID. I had to hardware to Ethernet to work around it. I can get support logs over the weekend.

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