New here need advise - Alien vs. UDM

  • Hello all,

    I currently use Orbi wifi-6 mesh with 3 units around my house (3900 sqf). Speed is not too bad and coverage ok but once in a week or more often I drop service and need to reset the system etc. I was looking into other options and debate between Alien mesh (probably 2 routers connected) or UDM with 1 AP. The problem is that UDM is currently does not have wifi-6 so I am not sure I want to go back to AC.

    Any suggestions, experiences? Do you think the Alien 2 units will cover my 3900 sqf?

    Thanks all

  • I run both, without the AP. There are BETA WiFi 6 out, so it's coming. If you are looking for rock solid performance and no down time, I suggest the Alien for 100% reliable uptime and no hicckups. You will be fiddling with the UDM or UDM Pro a lot.

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