Second hand hardware setup

  • Hi!
    Excuse me if this has been covered before but here goes!

    I have set up a handful of Amplifi cube & sticks for various friends, all worked right out the box.

    Now I have another friend who bought a secondhand kit of cube & 2 sticks, I did check and the stickers do not match, but I thought as long as I did a factory reset on all three devices that it would be fine.

    The cube is working fine but refuses to aknowledge the two sticks even after several resets.

    Can any smart person shed some light on what needs to be done to get them working?

    Both sticks are running the LED animation after every reset but still remaon "invisible" in the app.

    Thanks in advance,


  • Hi. Please contact our support. The link that will take you there is available here

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