Ability to get to internal web server using external address (hairpin NAT issue)

  • I run a small NextCloud installation inside my home network. I would like the ability to connect to it using its fqdn DNS address (ie. https://nextcloud.homeserver.example.com) from both inside and outside the home network (on Wifi as well as LAN). I've configured port forwarding to get to the internal machine, but connecting to the external ip address from inside the network is not working.

    Is this something that can or would be added to this router, or is this functionality specifically turned off for this group of routers?

    This was working with a small edgeRouter before and I just expected that a high-powered router like the Alien would natively support something like this (ie. for gaming and hosting a local game server). I recognize that I could put the edgeRouter back and put the Alien into bridge mode; but bridge mode removes some of the features that were desirable from the Alien system.

  • Definitely want to see this.

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