Alien Router Mesh Mode Wiring

  • I currently own an Alien Router, and I'm happy with it's usability and performance throughout most of our home.

    However, there are some dead spots on the other side of my home that it can't reach well. I'm considering buying a 2nd Alien Router and configuring in Mesh mode.

    My question is regarding the wired ethernet connections between them in order to setup Mesh mode.

    It's my understanding that in Mesh mode, one is configured as router (Alien Router), and other Alien is configured in bridge mode (Alien Bridge). Ideally, Alien Bridge would be connected downstream of Alien Router via wired ethernet. Currently, my Alien Router is downstream of my ISP router via wired ethernet connections, which currently spans across my home. I'd like to put the Alien Router somewhere else in my home (actually closer to my ISP modem).

    Based on my understanding, this would result in a quite a bit of wired ethernet connections, which I'd prefer to avoid.

    Must Alien Bridge be configured downstream of Alien Router with a wired connection to be effective?

    Could 2nd Alien be configured in parallel with Alien Router, creating 2 identical Alien Routers downstream of ISP?

    Thanks for any help here.

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