Using Amplifi as APs Only with third party router

  • I have a system with an existing third party router. I would like to add five amplifi devices to the network to provide WiFi only. I have four wired locations and 1 location where there is not catx wiring. I am looking at using the amplifi instant router in bridge mode for the four wired locations. Not sure if this is supported/advised. What would be the recommendation for the wireless location in this configuration. Would I be better served with other products? Thanks, never used amplifi before.

  • @Dean-Detton-0 you can do that, there might be cheaper alternatives though. Another thing to note for the wireless backhaul is that the the back hauled APs need to be connected to the main instant (the parent, as it were)..

  • @Dean-Detton-0 Yes, this should work really great (are you beaming your wifi to the moon or something?). You would set up your mesh network with one AmpliFi as the mother ship and the rest just as auxiliaries meshing to the whole network. You can then set the mother ship to bridge mode and just use your AmplFi to provide wifi.

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