Alien EU weaker antenna/coverage?

  • I got the Amplifi Alien delivered today and was expecting to get better speed and range compared to the HD. Amplifi claim 2x better coverage compared to the Amplifi HD. But the range is in my testing was less than the Amplifi HD for both 2.4 and 5. 5ghz was close but the 2.4ghz was so bad compared to the HD. Both placed in the exact same spot.

    I'm lucky to have no other neighbour wifi on the channel 1-4 for 2.4 and all channels free for 5ghz so easy to test without any interference. Turn off Amplifi HD and then test Alien back to back.
    The Alien also had issues with 1-2% loss in some rooms and most of the time less speed. Never had any drop/loss on the rooms I tested on with Amplifi HD. Also my Garage had no issues before with the Nest Camera and two cars on wifi. With the Alien one of the car was not able to connect at all and the other one just for a short time before it did drop. Both cars are placed like they always have. I have used Wifiman to go around and check that the signal was less.

    So this was disappointing as I did expect this to outperform the older Amplifi HD in every way. Only had it for one day but think I will send it back. Only thing the Alien was better on is speed when I was close to it. It was able to to get above 800mbit on my 1/1gbit internet connection on the phone. Highest I have seen on the HD is right above 500. So do the EU version of the Alien have less power antennas compared to the US? and the Amplifi HD in EU? I see most reviews says it have very good coverage for the US version. I tested on latest firmware version available. Maybe a firmware issue on the EU model only?

  • @Dennis-Horn See my posts at the end of this page:

    I totally share your experience and have made the exact same observation. I personally do not think it was worth the upgrade as such especially as I do not have any Wifi 6 devices.

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