Low WiFi coverage

  • Hello. I have two Amplifi Aliens with one configured as a mesh point over ethernet backhaul. I'm having an issue with coverage.

    Just under my apartment, outside the window, my devices cannot connect. It's a first floor apartment and my phone is right outside the wall where the router is placed, but outside. I feel this is really poor coverage for such a high-end device. It's an edge apartment, and this applies on the ground floor on all three sides of the apartment which I can access.

  • @habbasi Hello.
    Please contact our support by filling the form here
    And don't forget to add a support file as well.
    Thank you!

  • @habbasi What's your WiFi environment look like? Specifically how do your channels look for noise? Being apartments, I'm sure they are crowded to say the least. Your poor coverage could just be that you need to pick a different channel for your network(s).

  • Hi Anthony.

    I used a WiFi channel scanner to select my channels. Of course, with how many people have it at "automatic" it may just be best to leave it there.

  • @habbasi Ahhh I see.

    No worries! Was just throwing a suggestion out there. 🙂 Hopefully UBNT support helps take care of this issue, which sounds to be a weird one for sure unless your apartment walls are 5" thick steel. lol

    Take care!

  • @habbasi what firmware version are you running? I had a similar issue with v3.4.1, factory reset didn't do anything for me and I ended up flashing the beta 3.4.3rc2. This ended resolved my issues, before that I would lose my wifi connection as soon I left the room my router was sitting in. I got the beta from https://community.amplifi.com/category/75/updates.

  • Sadly I'm already running 3.4.3.

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