Wrong region ...

  • Our Amplifi system is saying that our new router is set to the wrong WIFI region. How do we get into it to change that? The system won't recoginise it yet.

  • We bought BOTH units in Australia but one must have been set to US and so we had to set the other to US ... this is quite ridiculous as there was NO information to advise us what to do; and the chat line is clearly a machine. We wasted HOURS on this, trying to connect the two together until we accidentally found "country" under WIRELESS on the main unit, and trialled it on US. BUT, both units were purchased inside AUSTRALIA and came with Australian power plugs and Australia was mentioned on the boxes.

  • @Diane-Caney Hi. Please contact our support team and they will help you to resolve this issue.
    Contact support
    Thank you!

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