Setup mesh on two alien routers

  • Hello everyone! I'm a new AmpliFi user and super excited about the Alien I just bought, it has really great performance and looks cool 😎

    Issue is I just bought another Alien router but I cannot setup the mesh system, I can do everything on the phone, seems put my existing network info to the new router, but the new router just cannot connect to the existing network.

    As those two Aliens are bought from different regions, 1st is EU version and 2nd is US version, I had some issue during initial setup "wifi region is not the same", then I changed the country settings in EU one to US, setup could continue on the phone, but on the 2nd router it cannot join the network.

    Anybody see similar issue before?

  • What I also tried is to change the US Alien as the main router and use EU one to be the mesh point, but it cannot connect, same issue.

    What I want is actually setting up the 2nd Alien by ethernet connection, I have read the document and I noticed setting up wireless mesh is always the first thing, is it possible to setup the 2nd router as the mesh point by cable directly?

    Maybe I will try with the beta firmware during this weekend.

  • Hi @Fan-Yang - the hardware is not the same for the US & EU models

    Alien uses WiFi-6 for meshing and the US model exclusively uses the upper 5.8 GHz band for WiFi-6

    Your EU model can utilize WiFi-6 across the entire 5 GHz spectrum (5.2 + 5.8)

    If your EU Alien is on a 5.2 GHz channel the US Alien will not locate it to mesh over WiFi-6, and you need to establish a wireless mesh before you can enable Ethernet backhaul

    If it is going to work you need the EU model Alien to be on the upper 5.8 GHz band

    If that is already the case then there may be a firmware incompatibility between the models

  • @Fan-Yang Hi.
    Due to regulatory requirements, the AmpliFi ALN (US version) bought in the US cannot be used in Europe. Therefore AmpliFi ALN (US version) won't mesh with AmpliFi ALN (EU version).

  • Hi @UI-AmpliFi - the data sheet specifically for the EU model on the European store site states that it is FCC compliant

  • Thank you all for the reply, the first thing I noticed to continue the setup from my phone is I have to change wireless setting of country to US on the EU router (as EU has full country list but US has only three countries). I will have a look if I can specify 5.8G on both, didn't remember see that setting somewhere.

    Firmware on both router is latest stable, version numbers are the same, I will try with the beta firmware once it reaches me.

    In worst case, I can still use bridge mode on the 2nd router, right? But just quite a waste of the great hardware...

  • OK so an update to whom it may concern, I have tried different setup:
    1, Use EU model as main router, don't change country setting on EU model, phone app won't work saying "wifi region is not the same";
    2, Use EU model as main router, change country setting on EU model to US, phone app works but mesh connection can not be established;
    3, Use US model as main router, no change of country setting on EU model, phone app works but mesh connection cannot be established;

    For 2 & 3 those two routers should work in same range, but neither one mix works, so now I'm using US model as a wired bridge.

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