Update on this issue - No Networking for Virtual Machines in Bridge Mode

  • Re: Unable to get DHCP or use Static IP in Windows Virtual Machine on Wifi

    I switched to a different router brand (rhymes with zero) and the problem went away.

    Really wish they'd either fix this issue or if it's a 'feature' give us control over it.

    For the record, the Ubiquiti firewall at work does the exact same thing.

  • With a little investigation, I've found that the nanoHD AP doesn't transfer arp reply frames from a network gw when I try to reach it from any VM connected via bridge mode to WiFi.
    There is a traffic dump from en0 - WiFi interface on my host:
    Also the traffic dump from my router gw interface:

    As you can see, arp replies go out of gw but don't reach the host WiFi interface.

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