Update on this issue - No Networking for Virtual Machines in Bridge Mode

  • Re: Unable to get DHCP or use Static IP in Windows Virtual Machine on Wifi

    I switched to a different router brand (rhymes with zero) and the problem went away.

    Really wish they'd either fix this issue or if it's a 'feature' give us control over it.

    For the record, the Ubiquiti firewall at work does the exact same thing.

  • With a little investigation, I've found that the nanoHD AP doesn't transfer arp reply frames from a network gw when I try to reach it from any VM connected via bridge mode to WiFi.
    There is a traffic dump from en0 - WiFi interface on my host:
    Also the traffic dump from my router gw interface:

    As you can see, arp replies go out of gw but don't reach the host WiFi interface.

  • I was experiencing this same issue today, and the problem was definitely the Amplifi HD Instant router.

    I was only able to fix the issue today (September 12 2021) by going into the Amplifi app and updating the Amplifi's operating system to 3.6.1, which came out only six days ago.

    The issue is caused by faulty software in the Amplifi 3.6.0 software release, and clearly other versions as well, who even knows which ones going all the way back to November last year. It causes virtual machines running on a laptop to not be able to connect to the internet using "bridged networking autodetect" in VMware Fusion. I can't find this issue in the release notes.


    After more than a day of troubleshooting, and eventually finding this thread (thank you so much for it), it became clear that the Amplifi Instant HD software version 3.6.0 was causing the problem.

    Using NAT basically means you can't run any services from your virtual machine and also places it onto a separate network from your home network which now must be translated between.

    After, my Ubuntu virtual machine machine (EVE-NG and GNS3 Ubuntu virtual machine) was instantly able to get an IP address on its eth0 interface.

    Running the older VMware Fusion version 11.5.6 from macOS Mojave a separate disk volume did not fix the issue. Switching to macOS Big Sur and running the latest VMware Fusion 12.1.0 did not fix the issue – the Ubuntu VM still could not connect to the internet.
    Deleting all VMware configuration files from macOS and reinstalling did not solve the issue (I had still thought VMware was at fault at this time). Trying a different Ubuntu VM aside from the one that was working fine did not fix the issue.

    Clearly this problem has been around for an entire year now. I only began experiencing the problem with version 3.6.0 on the Amplifi in the year I have had the device but clearly the problem has been reintroduced and then fixed on certain software releases..

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