very unstable Wifi after 3.4.3 update. Please help!

  • After the Amplify HD 3.4.3 update , the wifi is no longer usable; the WiFi signal drops out briefly every few minutes. Never had any problems before.

    It looks like the Amplify router is suddenly not compatible with the modem/router and there is a problem with the IP addresses. The WiFi only works when I switch on the bridge mode on the amplify. But then I still l get cut off every few minutes.
    Extra information: the modem Wifi signal is turned off (has already been the case for serveral months) and I have a Samsung telephone/ Bluesound system / laptop connected to the Amplify

    When logging in to the modem, I see 2 IP addresses for 1 MAC address for each device. Could this explain the wifi problem? Does anyone recognize this problem?
    I'm pretty desperate 😥

  • @Annelies-van-der-Plas need help? 🙂 have you tried to reset the device??

  • I did a rollback to version 3.4.2, followed by reset modem&amplifi. The problem remains 😞
    I can try to set the service provider in bridge mode, but I'm afraid the firewall in the amplifi is not safe/strong enough.... any ideas?


  • @Annelies-van-der-Plas hmm, firewall is strong enough in the router 😉 but if the problem is still there, RMA it if you still have warranty on it.

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