Network BW Priority in Amplifi App

  • Hi,

    I've been configuring network BW priority for each of the devices on my network, and for a few select devices (such as IoT bridge or printer), there is no option in the Amplifi app to configure network settings priority, unlike the majority of other devices. What is unique about these devices is that they are hanging off of a downstream wired connection of the router.

    Is it only possible to set network priority settings on wireless devices?

    Also, are these options also available in the web-based configuration? I can only seem to find these in the iPhone app.


  • @granitechief I think what you are looking for/referring to here is QoS or Quality of Service. This has been requested before, but the more the merrier! I am in the boat with you in wanting true QoS. So, +1 from me!

  • @Anthony_014 In the version of the Amplifi iPhone app I'm running, I can set priority settings for each wireless IP address. There are 3 settings - Normal, Streaming, and Gaming, in increasing order of priority. Default setting for every IP was Normal.

    I do not see any equivalent setting for wired IP addresses, which was my initial question.

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