Slow Network Throughout Home

  • I've got a standalone Alien setup with my AT&T U-Verse. My wired download speed is around 950 mb/s, however when running speed tests on WiFi just 15-20 from the router, they drop to 30 mb/s on my iPhone 10. There are two rooms in the home (single story, 2400 SF, L-shaped) that entirely lose connection on my iPhone and laptop.

    I am not sure if the issue lies within the router or it being an older home, however when 75% of the home has WiFi connectivity issues, I believe that it's related to the router. What can I do to fix this?

  • @Matt-Eckart Older home build materials are not the best for WiFi coverage. With that said, how do your test results look if you test in the same room as your Alien? Also might be worth while to download a network tools app on your phone and carry it around your home to look at the dB strength of your WiFi where you use it most. This will help you re-locate the router if necessary. But you may need some mesh units with wired ethernet backhaul to realize the most out of your system if your home is indeed what is causing your problems.

    Also check and ensure that your WiFi channels are not super noisy or being heavily interfered with.

    Let us know what you find out!

  • @Anthony_014 Within the same room I get 250 download on my iPhone, and 450ish on my MacBook pro (2015 Model). Speeds within the same room do not seem to be an issue at the moment.

    I can't relocate the router as of now given it's connected to the Pace 5286ac from AT&T. Is the only way to relocate the router and wire backhaul and/or get another Alien to setup as a meshpoint closer to the opposite side of the home? I'm not too savvy when it comes to this, so learning as I go.

  • @Matt-Eckart Negative. That is not the only fix... You can likely have your home wired with ethernet if you wanted to go that route. You are probably looking at (just to ballpark) $200-250 per drop or run of cable you want done. Not the cheapest, but definitely the way to go future proof wise.

    Do you have a windows laptop or PC available to you?

  • @Anthony_014 Based on that cost, I don't think it'd be worth it to me. We really just are looking to get internet into the second office as well as the bedroom for the Apple TV, which are the two opposite rooms that don't presently have any connection.

    I have a Windows laptop that I use for work.

  • @Matt-Eckart IF you have the ability/administrative rights to download things on that laptop... Download Acrylic WiFi. It is a free WiFi analyzer program. Basically this will scan your wireless environment around you, and you can use this to make sure that your router is on the cleanest 2.4 and 5 Ghz channel that it can be.

    This would be a good place to start with the issues you are experiencing. Let us know the results. If you are unsure of how to proceed with the data it gives you, post it here and I'm happy to help!

    EDIT: It also might be advantageous for NOW for you, to connect your devices to the 2.4 Ghz network and turn band steering in the router OFF. 2.4 is much better at penetrating through walls and obstructions. This will help device signal strengths as well.

  • @Anthony_014 Looks like Acrylic WiFi does not run on Mac.

    Requirements and compatibility
    Minimum system requirements
    Operative system: Microsoft® Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista

    System components: Microsoft® .NET FRAMEWORK: 4.5

    Screen resolution: 800×600 (1024×768 or higher recommended)

    Memory: 1GB RAM Wi-Fi: Internal or USB.

  • @James-Earl-Ford James, I am aware. 🙂 I had in my previous post above for the OP: "Do you have a windows laptop or PC available to you?"

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