Using Teleport in Starbucks

  • After successfully pairing my teleport to my router, brought it over to the local starbucks. I connected to the Teleport wifi and successfully had it connect to the Starbucks wifi. But when the teleport reset, now the Teleport SSID is not showing up at all.

    I moved it over to my work office ( separate network) and plugged it in, but even though the blue led is flashing, the Teleport SSID si not showing up at all now.

  • @augie-besa Hi Augie! Can you make sure you're on the latest firmware? We've seen a similar issue due to using DFS channels. We'll have an update where Teleport will stop connecting to them, and hence won't be able to lock itself out. For now you can reset your Teleport and make sure to use 2 GHz networks.

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