LAN Access and macOS Compatibility

  • Just got the Alien and was excited for the Teleport feature but oddly it doesn't seem to allow me access to my LAN devices from my iOS device as if I was within my home. Is this coming at any point or am I doing something wrong? Also, any chance of a macOS Teleport app please? Thanks!

  • Hi @Tahir-Merwanji - did you enable the Local Network access option on the home router after setting up the Teleport connection?

    Teleport is now a proxy connection and not L2 like the old hardware version of Teleport, so not all protocols are available unfortunately

  • I've just realised that, thanks. Trying to connect to my UK Sky Q satellite box from abroad with it but not having that much luck for now. Thank you again.

  • @Tahir-Merwanji
    Once you connected via Teleport you can open Amplifi app and enable Lan access for your phone

    If you’re trying to connect to LAN devices you either need to use IP address or .lan domain, .local doesn’t work via Teleport

  • Got it. Thanks. Unfortunately the Sky Q box seems to be on .local. Any workaround for that? With my experience of the Alien I'm more and more tempted by the Dream Machine despite the lack of WiFi 6. I assume it'd be easier to VPN in using a more tailored solution using that?

  • Hi @Tahir-Merwanji - you might want to also research the new QNAP QHora-301W and see how the reviews are compared to the UDM

    Their SD-WAN feature for site-to-site VPN is looking promising since the UDM has a built in controller so cannot (currently) adopt a second UDM

    Not sure if UI will ever allow one UDM to be adopted by another UDM’s controller considering how long the missing feature list is on the community thread tracking such things

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