Under heavy load Wifi Drops SSID until Power Cycled

  • Over the last 2 months, my unit has begun silently dropping the SSID completely with no indication of the front panel. The network just disappears. You have to power cycle the unit for it to return.

    This appears to be correlated with heavy load (Gaming, kids videos, wifes netflix, etc).

    It comes right back after a power cycle, and I can't verify an instance its happened when not under heavy load. But its happening more and more. Multiple times a night.

    Not a failure I have ever seen prior to this last few weeks in 2+ years of owning the unit. On version 3.4.3

  • @mtaylor007 , can you tell me what AmpliFi product you're using? I have an AmpliFi Alien that I purchased several months ago (we're planning to move to a larger home in about 4 months, and I've been impressed by reviews of the Alien's performance as a single unit AND as a WiFI mesh pair.

    My initial experience accorded with the reviews, but recently I've had episodes where, particularly while streaming to my 4K OLED LG TV, the Alien will report "No IP Address/No Internet on its LED screen, and when this happens the screen on my TV freezes. Most commonly this problem occurs in clusters; sometimes the screen just freezes for a few seconds. Occasionally the freezes last at least a few minutes. Typically they occur when we REALLY don't want to stop watching whatever we're watching (typically something live sourced through YouTube TV. The diagnostic LEDs on my cable modem don't report any issues when this happens.

    Usually we just wait it out and the freezes stop. I've verified that there really IS no internet connection obtainable through the router (can't send/receive mail on my laptop or iOS devices. Additionally, it's NOT just the WiFi SSID; I have several devices connected to the router by Ethernet (INCLUDING the television) and they all fail simultaneously. I'm also on firmware 3.4.3, but the problem also occurred on 3.4.1.

    AmpliFi support suggested some tests to do and configuration changes to try. I plan to test these the next time the problem occurs. The last iteration of these was about 4 days ago, and on that occasion, power cycling the cable modem and the router was followed by no recurrence (yet), but I've not done those tests because I think I should try them in the midst of one of the failure clusters. They include documenting that my cable modem isn't the cause by connecting my laptop directly to the cable modem, changing DNS IPs on the router, and factory resetting the router. But it sounds as though you and I have the same or similar issues. I can't quantitate the "heavy load" because from what I've read, streaming a 4K video source doesn't require more that about 10-20 mbits/sec, and I have 400 mbits/sec dl from my ISP (verified by periodic SpeedTest.net checkups.

  • Yeah, it just happened again to me. Mid evening with high load.

    I have an Amplifi Router LR
    Version 3.4.3
    Revision 0-g282c57f04
    Versionv1.14.1 (1)

    I can confirm that its not my cable internet. My router is a standard one from xfinity and it also broadcasts its own SSID (because I haven't gotten around to turning it off again after a router replacement). So when the Amplfi network goes off, some of my devices with the profile installed automatically swap to the xfinity one.

    Both my wifi and wired connections drop. I have a PC plugged in dirrectly via Cat5 and it also dies. I was playing CoD on it just now (with the Amplfi directly in front of me) when the connection to the game dropped. Both my wifi connected phone and the wired connected PC lost their connections at the same time. The clock face display was no different.

    I power cycled the unit and it came right back, but I am now going to avoid starting another game until my wife gets off Netflix. This isn't sustainable.

  • And just again.

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